5 Best Tools to Check Keyword Rankings on Different Search Engines

by Surya Prakash

The world is going digital and people spend most of their time while surfing the internet in a day. As a result, many businesses are going digital to grab the attention of consumers and market their products. One of the best marketing practices to gain the attention of consumers is SEO.

In SEO, a marketer has to pick the right keywords, rank them and track their positions on those keywords. When it comes to tracking keywords, doing it manually may sound crazy. There are a lot of tools that allow marketers to track keyword rankings of their websites.

Let’s discuss those tools one by one as follows:

1. Google Rank Checker

Google itself offers a robust keyword tracker which you can use to track your positions on Google search engine. It also displays additional data like impressions and clicks which simply means the traffic you got from Google search engine.

It’s pretty much easier to track keyword positions using Google Rank Checker. All you have to do is just put in the keyword and website URL and it will show you the keyword ranking within a matter of seconds.

2. SEMRush

SemRush is an excellent tool when it comes to Keyword tracking. It offers a plethora of versatile features to check keyword rankings. The best part is that it supports all the major search engines out there. Along with this, you can also look for the keywords on which your website is ranking on search engines.

For this, all you have to do is simply put in your website URL and then it will display the list of keywords you are ranking for. Overall, SEMRush is a great tool to check your website rankings in the most versatile way.

3. Aherfs

If there’s an alternative to the SEMRush tool, then it would be only Aherf. It is one of the best tools to check website performance and keyword rankings. You can use its Site Explorer tool to check the keywords you are ranking on. Along with this, it also displays your keyword positions on all the major search engines.

Apart from this, you can also use it to understand your competition. It allows you to see the ranked keywords, backlinks, and social signals of your competitors.

4. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is one of the best keyword positions trackers available in the market. The UI interface is simple enough that even a beginner can use it easily. All you have to do is add your domain, keywords, and country to see your Keyword positions on the web.

The best part about this tool is that it also gives you insights on how you can improve your rankings and rank higher than your competitors on the web.

5. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is another excellent tool that marketers can use to check their keyword positions on the web. The best part is it allows you to check keyword rankings along with the Target country. Its UI design is simple and flexible which makes it easier to use.

In order to get keyword positions, all you have to do is add your domain name and it will display the keywords you are ranking for and their positions on different search engines.

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