6 powerful tips to reduce the time spent in an email inbox

by Surya Prakash

We receive hundreds of emails in a day and most of our time is consumed while checking and replying to them. In today’s busy schedule, it won’t be possible for a person to check all the emails he receives. It will take a lot of time, which in turn will impact the productivity of a person.

If you are finding yourself trapped in the web of checking emails all day, then we have found some solutions which can help you to enhance your productivity. Here are the best tips on managing time while checking emails on a daily basis:

1. Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro is a popular technique being used for managing time by several big institutions and business houses. You can also use it to manage your time. In this technique, you’ll require a stopwatch. You’ve to set a timer of 25 minutes twice or thrice a day.

Decide a specific time to check and reply to emails in a day. This will definitely help you to manage your time while improving your productivity at the same time.

2. Use Labels and Stars

The label and star feature can be exercised to mark important emails that we receive on a daily basis. The label option is designed to categorize emails into different lists.

Instead of assigning labels, you can also use the Star option to mark all the important emails that you receive in your mail inbox. This will keep you more productive while managing your email inbox.

3. Setup the Canned Responses

Do you receive several emails that are repetitive in nature and you find it hard to reply to each one of them? If yes, then you can set up Canned responses to save you time. Here’s how you can use the Canned Responses option:

  • Tap on the Gear icon located at the top-right corner.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Navigate to the Labs section and tap on it.
  • Once the pages open, navigate to the Canned Responses option and enable it.

Now, you can use canned responses whenever you want to. All you have to do is tap on the arrow located at the bottom-right corner. Type in the text you want in the Canned Response and save it. Next time, you just have to tap on the canned response and click send to reply to an email.

4. Write Brief Emails

Another best way to reduce your time consumption is to write brief emails while responding to the emails in your inbox. Try to add only the important and required messages in an email.

You can also use some alternate mediums like slack, Trello, and skype to manage your conversations with business clients to keep yourself productive all day.

5. Unsubscribe to Unwanted Newsletters

You may have subscribed to a lot of blogs, and YouTube channels to receive their newsletters in your email inbox. You can unsubscribe from the ones which aren’t useful.

There are multiple tools available for this purpose. Unsubscribe Gmail is one of those tools allowing you to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters at once.

6. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard shortcuts for performing some functions will reduce the time you spent in your mail inbox. There are several keyboard shortcuts available. Some of them are as follows:

  • Press R for a reply
  • Press A to reply to all the emails
  • Use F to forward an email
  • Press Command+K for inserting a link
  • Use the K key to jump back to the previous mail

If you wanna know more about keyboard shortcuts, then you can go through the list of Keyboard shortcuts here.

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