7 Powerful Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure in 2021

by Surya Prakash

WordPress is a popular content management system empowering more than 30{1a8e1ba895c8c7106f87da981d83b14a45415abb73e58ede95c2b78de70ffddc} of the active websites on the internet. Due to its popularity, a lot of malicious attacks have been reported on many WordPress sites. No matter, whether you have a business website or a blog, there’s no such exception.

If you are also having a website running on Word press and you are concerned about its security, then we have some tips on securing a website from potential hacking attacks. Here are some best tips to keep your website secure from security threats:

1. Use a Custom WordPress Login URL

Since all WordPress websites have a default login page, many hackers may use several hacking techniques to hack your website. There are many tools available that can crack the login username and password stored in a database.

In order to save yourself from these kinds of attacks, you can use a custom login page to get rid of 99{1a8e1ba895c8c7106f87da981d83b14a45415abb73e58ede95c2b78de70ffddc} of the direct brute force attacks.

2. Set a Complex Login Password

A lot of people set some simple passwords which are pretty much easier to guess. Add some variations to your login password so that it becomes difficult to guess.

You can use a combination of UpperCase, LowerCase, and Special Characters to make your password complex. You can also change your password regularly to keep your website secure.

3. Use Two Factor Authentication for WordPress Login

Using Two Factor Authentication on the WordPress login page is a good measure to secure your website. When you use two-factor authentication, you’ll have to enter a secret code every time you make a login attempt. You will receive the secret code on the Google Authenticator App.

In this way, you can protect your websites from any kind of unauthorized login attempts as the person having your phone can log in to your website.

4. Change the Default Admin User

During your WordPress installation, never set the Username as Admin as it is prone to brute force attacks. As most people keep this as the default username, it becomes easier for hackers to hack your website. Instead, you can use a custom username to keep your site secure.

There are several plugins available that can block such login attempts. iThemes is one such plugin that can be used to block unauthorized login attempts.

5. Choose a Reliable & Secure Hosting Provider

The simplest and the best way to choose a reliable hosting provider to host your website. Hosting your website on a reliable server will keep your data secure from hackers. A good server provides additional layers of security to your website.

There are many reliable hosting providers available on the internet. Some of the good names are Kinsta, PageLy, and Cloudways.

6. Don’t Use Nulled Themes and Plugins

Most bloggers prefer to use professional themes & plugins as they feature more customization options than free themes. These themes are developed by highly experienced developers and aren’t available for free. But, there are many websites providing nulled themes and plugins.

As these nulled themes & plugins are available for free, many bloggers use these nulled materials on their blogs. We do recommend everyone not to use these themes as they may contain some malicious code that can destroy your website.

7. Update WordPress Themes & Plugins

Every good product is being updated by its developers to make it more useful. These updates are being made to fix the bugs and issues. Sometimes, a theme or plugin may have a serious security patch that can help hackers to hack your website.

So, we recommend you update the themes and plugins installed on your WordPress website. This way, you can keep your website secure from malicious attacks.

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