AI tools for Image Restoration

by Surya Prakash

Are you sitting on an old photo album that’s yellowing because it’s been lying around for a while? You’ve clicked the photos when you were on your trip, but once you’ve gotten home, you find that they’re blurry and you don’t know why? The use of artificial intelligence-based tools for restoring and enhancing photos can save the day in a pinch.

Besides being able to restore the quality of blurry or damaged photos, you can also use them to add a splash of color to old B&W photo albums to bring them back to life, and this is something everyone can enjoy.

There are many apps and games on the Play Store and the App Store that have such features and we will take a closer look at some of the best tools available on these platforms.

1 – Nvidia Image Inpainting

The Nvidia tool will allow you to recover damaged photos that contain blank spots if you already have them. Inpainting is a feature of Nvidia’s AI playground, which is in itself a suite of image editing software, which facilitates the editing of images by users.

The Image inpainting program is capable of restoring images’ blank spots, colorizing images, and removing people, objects, and irregularities from them. It is clear from these images that the results produced are excellent and have a real impact. Despite its advantages, it has the drawback of automatically cropping images.

2 – MyHeritage

The website MyHeritage is a popular online resource where you can send a DNA sample to find out your origins. However, recent developments have enabled them to launch their own image restoration tool that utilizes artificial intelligence.

It allows you to colorize old monochrome photographs of your ancestors using this photo recovery tool. There is a free plan that enables users to restore up to ten photos, but there is a paid plan that allows users to restore unlimited photographs.

One of the downsides of MyHeritage is that it does nothing more than colorize the image, and that is where it fails to provide an adequate service.

3 – HotPot.AI

The Hotpot AI is an excellent alternative to Vanced AI. Hotpot AI is currently in beta, but it is generating good results. You do not need to undergo any learning curve if you are a beginner to use this tool.

In addition to restoring color in photos, eliminating scratches, enhancing faces, and sharpening monochrome images, this tool is also capable of sharpening color photos, even if they are monochrome. This photo recovery tool is currently free to use, it is able to recover photos from any type of camera, and it performs well. One of the downsides we discovered is that the maximum resolution of images is limited to 1200 X 1200 pixels. A Photo Restoration API is also available with Hotpot.AI, allowing you to incorporate its functionality into your website.

4 – VanceAI Photo Colorizer

The VanceAI suite of online tools is popular among businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their workflow.

The Photo Colorizer allows you to automatically colorize any discolored image within 30 seconds, including black and white photos. It cannot always recognize all types of human skin properly, which is my only concern with this tool. When coloring the face, for example, the program sometimes misses an arm or neck. Batch colorizing is a very useful feature, but it costs approximately $0.05 per image and is limited to small images only.

VanceAI Photo Colorizer does not have the capability of enhancing your damaged old photos after they’ve been processed by a colorizing tool

It is for this reason that a professional tool is required to repair them. If you want to restore your photos before you colorize them, VanceAI Photo Restorer is exactly what you need. A tool for removing scratches from old photos is part of an AI tool that turns old pictures into new ones.

5 – Pixelup

Pixelup is an application designed to transform your low-resolution snaps into photos that will not appear as if they were taken with a 2MP phone camera. As well as enhancing photos that have been severely compressed by WhatsApp and Instagram, you can also use them to enhance blurry images.

The app does not only allow you to resize your photographs, but it also allows you to “animate” them. It comes with a variety of animation presets that you can apply to a face to give your photographs a fun twist. It is important to ensure that the subject in the photograph is expressionless and that he or she is looking straight into the camera in order to prevent trippy images.

6 – Imgkits

In addition to Img Kits, there are other tools available for restoring damaged photos. In spite of the fact that it does not enjoy a high degree of popularity in the market, Image Kits is a decent product. Using Img Kits for professional purposes will allow you to remove scratches and dust marks from images, colorize images, apply different filters to the images, remove backgrounds, etc.

The Img Kits site offers you the option of choosing between two paid plans, one of which is a one-time fee of $5 for 10 image tokens, and the other is an $8.99 subscription plan which allows you to restore unlimited photographs with the ability to select unlimited images from the database. It is true that Img Kits does not have the best user interface, and the results can vary from one day to the other, but it is still an interesting tool.

7 – Remini

The features offered by Remini are not very extensive. Instead, it attempts to determine on its own how to most effectively display the photograph – and actually succeeds in doing so. Adding a photo to the gallery is as simple as clicking the enhance button, then letting the machine learn from the image. By adding additional pixels to low-resolution images, the app enhances low-resolution images, and clears up blurry, damaged, and scratched images. It is free to use the tool, but you will be required to view an advertisement every time you wish to enhance a photograph. In addition to eliminating that, a pro subscription offers a couple of enhancement presets as well.


There are many AI-based photo restoration tools available online that can help you preserve your memories for many years to come. Due to the fact that these tools are relatively new on the market, it is possible that they may not restore photos completely. However, over time, these tools will become more and more effective. It is, however, worth mentioning that these artificial intelligence restoration tools are simple to use and will restore your images instantly, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

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