5 Best Affiliate Networks & Marketing Platforms of 2021

by Surya Prakash

It looks really easy making money without leaving your home but in reality, it isn’t. Even in affiliate marketing, you can not make a good amount of money until you have chosen the best affiliate network and marketing platform for yourself.

Having said that, you need to find the one that suits you the most as there are plenty of affiliate marketing platforms available to help you start your journey there. But it is crucial to select one as per your requirement.

Therefore, we are here discussing the 5 best affiliate networks and marketing platforms of 2021 that you should know. We have curated this list as per our own experience and genuine legitimate reviews of these marketing platforms. So let’s get dig into it now.

1. Awin

To start the list of the best affiliate networks, Awin can be the first choice for many. It has more than 13,000 merchants which are huge for any affiliate marketing platform to have. It has its own HQ in London and owns many tools that will make you boost your affiliate marketing campaigns in no time. The best part about this platform is that it is really easy to use and doesn’t lag at all.

The minimum payout in the platform is as low as $20 and you can find various physical and digital products in every niche. The fee is also very minimum that is $5 which can be refunded if the approval is done.

2. Lemonads

The second name is Lemonads which is also a huge platform for affiliate marketing networks as it also has over 10,000 affiliate programs available in it with over 200 countries. It is a highly reputed one as it was also mentioned as the top 1000 European companies with growth in 2020 by the Financial Times. You wouldn’t get weekly pay in any other platform other than this one as here you can get paid every week.

It is famous for its expert support which you will get soon after you file a complaint. It has partners from all around the world and has real-time monitoring of performance so you can check the graphs daily. You can transfer the payments above $100 every week via wire transfer or any other mode. You can use the platform easily for monitoring and tracking your performance.

3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate stands for erstwhile commission junction which is among the known affiliate programs that we have. It doesn’t have really many merchants unlike other platforms but has still over 2600 merchants from all the categories. You will be able to find some really big brands such as Priceline, Office Depot, IHG, and many more along with some small merchants to balance it out.

Their UI is very smooth and simple with very good back-end dashboard support. It also has a deep link generator and you can do real-time transaction tracking through the tool. For cheques, the minimum payout is $100 whereas for direct deposit, it is $50.

4. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is a big name with some really big merchants such as Best Buy, Papa John, Walmart available in it. However, you also will find some small merchants which are easy in order to start your affiliate journey. This platform has over 1,000 merchants available and is a super easy one with some really good ad display features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here, you will not be stuck around for signing up as it offers an easy process with great customer support. You will get good-quality analytics in the platform itself.

5. ShareASale

Mentioning the last is ShareASale which is termed as one of the best most successful affiliate marketing platforms of 2021. It has some really good and highly efficient tools which will be enough for providing accurate and optimized results to the customers without any hassles. This platform uses advanced technologies and has many affiliate segmentation.

They also offer the data of the behavior of the visitors, and many such things that must be required. Additionally, it has a variety of niches products available in both physical and digital ways. The min payout for the same is $50.

Wrapping up,

That was all about some best affiliate networks and marketing platforms of 2021. You can view all of them and sign up for any as all of these networks mentioned are highly trusted and opted ones. All of them are actually suitable for starting your affiliate journey with minimum hassle.

Pick one and let us know your experience with the same. Also, if you’ve any doubts or queries regarding any of the listed ones, please comment below.

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