5 Best Backlink Checker Tools of 2021 ( Free & Paid)

by Surya Prakash

Are you looking to find the best backlink checker tools of 2021? Then go no further, we are here sharing the brief list of best backlink checker tools that includes both, free and paid versions. You can check out any of them you want as per the performance, budget, and preference and choose the one you find suitable.

So let’s get started now.

1. Ahrefs

The first tool in the list of the five best backlink checker tools of 2021 is Ahrefs. It is known for providing many SEO tools. It is a super easy tool to use where you can simply drill down and have a look at the backlinks made. You will also be able to see the backlinks that are lost. You can also know the broken backlinks from the tool but to fix it, you are still required to contact the site owner.

You can also filter the links by link types and know the domain that you’re looking to target. Other than that, internal links can also be checked and you always can filter the no-follow links to fix them. The free trial is available for 7 days whereas, after that, you can pay the price of $99 per month.

2. SEMRush

To start the list of the 5 best Backlink checker tools of 2021, SEMrush is the perfect one as hands down, it has been the best tool for it for years. It comes with an extensive database that gets updated daily and you can also check your website’s backlink status without any major fault. You will get the overview report where you will know the TLD zone, countries from where you’re getting the most links, etc easily.

It will also allow you to check the backlinks of your competitor’s website as well. It comes along with a comparison tool where you can compare your domain’s backlink with others and get a report of it. The tool is a paid tool, however, you can use the free trial of 30 days during which you can access most of its features for free. It also can be canceled at your convenience and you will not be charged anything extra.

3. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a tool known only for checking the backlinks. Since the tool is from Mangools, you are required to have a Mangools account first. You will be able to filter the links by no-follow, lost, new, and deleted. Also, you can add the favorite backlinks so you can always know what are you looking at without searching for it. This will also help you in shortlisting the competitor’s backlink. Other features such as tracking your backlink will also be helpful.

You can also make a list of lost backlinks which you would like to recover and that would be an easy one to do with this tool. It is not as good as other tools but yes, if you’re on a tight budget, this would be the best for sure. You can also take a free 10-day trial where you don’t need to pay anything at all and once it is over, you can get started with $29 per month.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another best backlink checker tool you must use. It is owned by Neil Patel. The main purpose of the tool is to research keywords but it is also known for its amazing Backlink tool which you can use anytime for knowing your website’s backlinks. You can also view the new backlinks, lost backlinks, no-follow backlinks, etc.

The tool has its own free version available where you can get to know the no. of backlinks for every domain. However, it will show only limited data whereas if you use the premium version, you will get all details. The tool’s premium version will cost you $29 per month or if you want to pay for the whole year, you can get it for $290 per month. There is also a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee in the tool.

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is also one amazing tool that gives you the detailed link profile for your websites. You can also compare your own profile with the other four competitors as well. This will help you in knowing what exactly different are they doing from you which can benefit you too. You will also be able to see the backlinks that you’ve lost in the tool and will also be able to replace the links that are lost. It also comes with a tool named Link Intersect that tells you the sites which are linking to your competitors.

Other than the Backlink tool, you also can use the other SEO tools provided by Moz. Some of the tools are a rank checker to know your search engine performance, campaigns to track and analyze your website, and more. The tool will cost you $99 per month but you also can choose their 30-day free trial where you can have access to all their tools easily.

Wrapping up,

So these were the best backlink checker tools that you must try. If you are buying any of them listed above, please do not forget to share your experience with us.

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