Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022

by Surya Prakash

Are searching for Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022 for storing the files, music, movies, and other important documents? If yes then we can assure you, that you are in the right place, because we have bought a detailed article about the best cloud storage service in 2022. 

In this article we will share with you both free and paid cloud storage services plans, so you will have multiple options to choose from. When technology is offering us these cloud storage platforms to save our data on the cloud, then why should we keep all the documents and files on a local computer or phone?

Cloud storage enables you to keep data in the cloud, and most importantly it keeps the data encrypted. You can get access to all the data from anywhere & anytime you wish to. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the topic where we shared with you the best cloud storage services, along with the pros and cons. Let’s get started. 

What Is Cloud Storage & Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022?

What Is Cloud storage? Well, most of us work from home due to covid, right? So if sometimes you need to access your office computer files remotely, then how will you do it? Well, cloud storage helps you to keep them on a server that is located somewhere else. 

You can create an account on the cloud server platform, and upload your important documents, whenever you will be required to access those documents you can access them by using the same email id or password. Simple isn’t it? There is some free platform that provides you this service, whereas others take a minimal charge for this. Let’s find out each one below. 

Best Cloud Storage Services For 2022:

1. IDrive:

One of the best cloud storage service providers is IDrive. It has some unique features that make it different from others. For those who are looking for a free cloud storage service, this could be the best option to choose for. 

You can get 5GB of free storage here, and that is enough for a common user, if not then you can buy their 5TB plan which costs you around $3.48 per year. Along with that, IDrive has kept security at the top hence they encrypt the data in 256-bit AES encryption. 

They have integrated two-step verification and end-to-end encryption, which makes it even more secure. The best thing about IDrive cloud services, if you wish to share the file with someone, you can easily send a synced file anywhere. A single account can backup data from multiple devices.


  • Easy user-interface.
  • Free services are available up to 5GB.
  • Premium plans are cheaper. 
  • Incredible security. 


  • No Cons. 

2. pCloud:

pCloud comes with two different plans to choose from. Either you can go with annual or lifetime. To be honest, if you are looking for long-term space then we recommend you to go with a lifetime plan because they are cheaper than annual plans. 

On this platform, you are fully capable of backing up your data from multiple sources like Facebook, Onedrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, and others. The best thing about pCloud is it has an inbuilt media player which can play video for you. 

If you want to collaborate then it allows users to share the custom shareable links with others. Security is extremely high because pCloud keeps the same file on the 5 different servers so if any of the servers goes down, you have an alternate option to get your data. All your data sync automatically from different devices. 

Up to 10GB of space you can avail for free then they have multiple plans with higher space. You can click here to check the prices and plans. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Cheap in the long term.
  • Up to 10 GB free access. 
  • Keep the data on 5 different servers. 


  • Phone and live chat support are missing.

3. BigMIND by Zoolz:

Zoolz is also a great platform for storing data online. This platform doesn’t offer you any free space on the server, although you can get up to 100GB of space as a trial. 

The Zoolz less with strong security and your data will be encrypted with Military-Grade 256-AES Encryption. Prime members can get all the premium features like versioning and a range of search options, multiple-factor authentication, and automatic file upload from the local computer. Users have multiple options to choose from. 

You get 3 different premium plans to choose from, the home plan starts from 2.99$ a month, the business cloud costs you 15$ a month, and the Business (Intelligent Cloud Backup) will also start from 15$ per month with AI, Intelligent cloud backup, and eDiscovery option enabled. 


  • Cheaper plans. 
  • 100GB as a free trial. 


  • No free space for users. 
  • Missing Live backup.

4. NordLocker:

If data does matter a lot to you, or you don’t want to share your data with anyone else, then the NordLocker platform is for you. NordLocker keeps your data private all the time, or we say your simple data turns into encrypted data even before uploading so that no one can access them and can see them, even the NordLocker itself. 

NordLocker allows the users to encrypt any size of file. You can encrypt all your uploading files. Nord doesn’t allow anyone to access your file, but you have full control over the file. You can avail of 3GB of free space on this platform and for the premium, you can have a maximum of 500GB at the cost of $3.99 per month with unlimited encryption and a 24×7 support system.


  • Powerful security system. 
  • 24×7 support.
  • Up to 3 GB of free service


  • Maximum 500 GB
  • Only browser support. 

5. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a common name in cloud storage services, Dropbox also allows you free space (5GB). Dropbox gives you an easy interface for uploading files. It also supports two-factor authentication and supports 256-bit encryption which indicates higher security. 

You can grab 2GB of free space on DropBox, and if the 2GB is not sufficient for you then you can move to the paid version. You can upload the large files on Dropbox and share them with the people you want to share with. 

Dropbox could be the best for both businesses and individuals. They have 3 different plans from basic to advance, where the first one is Individual professional which costs you $19.99, team standard is the second one, which will charge you $15 and the last one is team advance will charge you $25. You will be able to access 180 days of file history on dropbox. 


  • Simple to use and easy interface. 
  • 3 different plans.
  • Good collaboration features.
  • 180 Days file history protection.


  • 2GB free space. 
  • Premium plans are costly. 


Choosing the Best Cloud Storage Service is a tricky task, so we have made it easy for you because we gave you a taste of multiple cloud storage services and finally reached the conclusion, and can suggest you the Best Cloud Storage Services in 2022. In this post, we shared the Best Cloud Storage Services For 2022. You can consider them while choosing the first one.

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