5 Best WordPress Migration Plugin to Move Your Site

by Surya Prakash

Does your Hosting provider suck, or they are not fulfilling the promises which they did at the time of taking hosting?

The reason may be different for the different users, but if you want to Migrate your WordPress website to another hosting, then we can assure you this article will provide you a step-by-step guide for this. 

Migrating WordPress is not an easy task, especially when you’re afraid of losing your data, right? We emphasize you choose from the top 5 best methods for WordPress Migration Plugin to move your site. 

All the methods are proven and work perfectly, you can simply download the plugin and can move all the website data, including images, videos, content, user details. So, let’s find out the Best WordPress Migration Plugin To Move Your Site.

Best WordPress migration plugin to move your site

Well, if you don’t want to use any plugin for migrating the site from one hosting to another, few hosting provider companies provide you this feature. 

You can contact your hosting provider if they have enabled this feature. If not then you can try the below plugin to migrate your site.

1. Duplicator:

Duplicator is one of the wonderful solutions for those, who are seeking to move one hosting to another hosting provider. This is the perfect plugin if you can’t bear to download your site, even for less than five minutes. 

Duplicator promises zero downloads while moving, cloning, or migrating a well-running WordPress site between hosts or domains. It enables the users to manually backup your entire site, or any part you want to backup. 

If you are not familiar with the import/export SQL scripts, you can easily migrate your WordPress site. Performing this plugin is not rocket science, instead, you can do it within a few clicks. 


  • Duplicate and Duplicate Pro available [Pro for advance features]
  • You can use a free or premium version of Duplicator. [Premium offers you advanced features]
  • Support WordPress 4 or higher. 
  • Features are enabled for duplicating the site. [Live or under development]
  • Cloud storage or multisite network features integrated.

2. Migrate Guru:

Migrate Guru is the ultimate solution for those who use to run a heavy site and they are looking to migrate it to another server. 

Migrate Guru is capable of moving your site from one hosting to another and the best part of this plugin is, it can easily carry data up to 200GB. For this Migrate Guru, you are not required to have technical experts or coding experts because users can migrate sites from one server to another with fewer clicks. 

It is lightning fast when it comes to migrations, and according to the company it takes hardly less than 30 minutes for 1GB cloning. All you need to do is simply type the full details of the host and smash on the Migrate. 

The best thing about Migrate Guru is all the tasks will not be performed on your server, all the responsibility for their server, which decreases the site crash chances. 


  • It is free so users don’t require to pay for this.
  • Enables you for one-click migrations.
  • One of the user-friendly tools for multisite networks.
  • Keep notifying you with the alert messages for the remaining time left, or for any error.
  • Migrate Guru capable to move, clone up to 200GB site in less time. 
  • No local server is required, all work would be done on the Migrate Guru server. 

3. All-in-One WP Migration:

All-in-One WP Migration plugin works perfectly for those who are not holding any prior technical knowledge. There is no limitation for the operating system as the company boasts they work perfectly over Windows, Linux, and iOS so it removes the barrier for OS limitations. 

This plugin exports the entire data from your site such as media, database, themes, and plugins with simple drag and drops functionality. 

If the users are looking for links with cloud storage services then there are multiple extensions available like OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. 

You can use their free plugin to download the WordPress site and upload it to another hosting provider server. Serialization solution is integrated for unlimited find and replace. 


  • No technical skills are required to operate All In One WP Migration. 
  • More than 10 cloud storage service extensions are enabled for linking. 
  • No Operating System limitations for using this. 
  • Larger sites are enabled for uploading to premium, and that opens the gate for them for customer support and restoring backups, and excluding files.
  • Best for those who are willing to work on a simple interface, and drag and drop functionality. 

4. UpdraftPlus:

If your main requirement is to backup your site data then UpdraftPlus is for you. It is the main specialty in the backup of the site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move your website from one hosting to another. 

It has all the required features enabled that are well capable to migrate sites in easy ways. You can simply click on the one button for the site back up and once the backup is done, you can easily upload to the same site or any other location where you want to. 

The basic backup feature is implemented on the free version but as soon as you upgrade it to the premium you unlock premium features such as duplicates, quick migrations, and incremental backups. 

If you are thinking of getting the premium version of it, then you can get it for $70 for two users, and $95 for 10 licenses. 


  • Free version available with basic backup plans.
  • The paid version is not too expensive [especially for 10 licenses].
  • Specialist in Backup and migration features. 
  • Enables you for moving and cloning from local to live environments with the help of Migration extension. 
  • Make it easy for the users to move Non-WordPress files.

5. Backup Guard:

Backup Guard is a complete solution provider for backup, migration, and file restorations. This comes with a simple, neat, and clear interface that makes it even easier for the users to work on. 

Using this plugin can help you to restore your file and media backup easily. You are free to choose the database for backing up and there is no limitation for the users for backing up files and database, users can backup as many times as you want to. 

This is a free plugin for backup but if you’re looking for migration then you have to upgrade it to the premium. 

The free version of the plugin lets you enable you to backup your file on the cloud such as DropBox, Google Drive, and others. The price of the premium version starts from $9.95 per month. 


  • The support system is outstanding, you can get support from the experts 24×7. 
  • The free version enables you to backup your site data on the cloud. 
  • Email alerts are there for notifying you once the process of either migration or data backup is done. 
  • FTP is not required for importing backup data. 


In this post, we have introduced to you the 5 Best WordPress Migration Plugin To Move Your Site. So if you’re looking to migrate your site from one hosting to another then these WordPress plugins can be handy for you in this scenario. We hope this article was useful for you.

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