How One Can Write SEO Friendly Content to Improve SERP Rankings

by Surya Prakash

Are your website rankings dropping, but don’t have any idea about why it is dropping down? One of the crucial ranking factors is SEO-optimized content which keeps your website on top of your competitors. If your content quality downgrades, then your rankings will also suffer.

Today In this blog post, we are gonna share some useful tips on writing SEO-optimized content to have better rankings on search engines. So, here are the top 5 tips to optimize your content to achieve better rankings on search engines:

1. Do Proper Research

The first and foremost step is to do proper research. In this step, you have to decide the type and length of your article while doing proper keyword research at the same time. There are several tools available which you can use to do proper competitive analysis.

Aherfs and Semrush are the two most popular tools used by millions of marketers around the world. Both of them will help you to do find proper keywords and targeted audiences for your website.

2. Do Proper Competitive Analysis

Doing a competitive analysis will help you to understand your competition better and to come up with a better strategy to outperform your competitors. For this, you can search your keywords on Google to find out which websites are already ranking.

Analyze their content length, number of backlinks, content type, content quality to understand their strategy. Now, all you have to do is generate better content and backlinks than them to keep yourself ahead.

3. Include People Also Ask Section, Post Title & Meta Description

Search your targeted keywords on Google and look for the People Also Ask section. Extract the questions which make sense to you and related to your content. Include and answer them in your blog posts. Doing this will allow you to have a better reach on search engines.

Another major factor is to add focused keywords into your Post Title and Meta Description. Make sure the content you add in the meta description is user-friendly and intent-driven.

4. Use Images and Optimize them For Rankings

Images are one of the best ways to make the content look attractive and less boring. Adding images to your content increases your site visitor average duration. Google Algos do take into account the average visitor time to rank websites.

As a result, the better the average visitor time, the higher the rankings will be. You can compress images and add keywords to them before adding them to your content.

5. Interlink Your Posts & Add Anchor Text

As a blogger, your end goal should be to keep your site visitors longer on your website. Interlinking is one of the best ways to do so. It makes the navigation process easier and reduces the bounce rate. As a result, Dwell time increases, and the higher the Dwell time, the better the rankings will be.

While doing so, you can add anchor text to your blog post. Simply link out your old blog post and put your targeted keyword in the Link Text field to add Anchor text into your article.

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