How to Identify Font from Images: Font Finder by Image

by Surya Prakash

Design skills require an understanding of how fonts work and where to locate them, which is an integral part of our design language. To assist you with the identification of fonts, a number of resources are available. A number of these are automated, while others are driven by the community.

 In order to improve your font identification skills, you need a resource that provides accurate results, as well as ongoing support and feedback.

Identify Font from Images

It is not uncommon to find an image somewhere that has text on it, but it is unclear which font was used on the image. Every individual should be familiar with the technique of identifying fonts on images. A number of uses can be derived from this, such as finding and downloading an absolutely favorite font that was featured in a picture. As an alternative, you may have found a meme online and wish to create your own using a similar font.

Whether you are a designer or a meme, identifying fonts on images will be useful to everyone.

The Best Way To Identify Fonts

The following tools will help you to identify fonts no matter where you are in the information jungle.

1 – WhatTheFont

The only difference between WhatFont and WhatFontIs is that what font does not accept image URLs. Also, you are only required to upload an image rather than being required to do so. Once the image has been uploaded, it can be flipped and cropped to identify the individual font.

WhatTheFont offers the advantage of being able to work with any image. It is not important whether your image is of handwritten or typed text, or whether your image is of text on a computer screen. A similar font that is somewhat close to the actual font will be displayed as well as some similar fonts. If these fonts are free, you can also download them

2 – Font Matcherator

It is possible to use Font Matcherator’s advanced search option to find fonts that are unique to an image or that are only used in a particular region.

Instead of searching by text, you can search by languages, regions, and symbol sets. If you use this tool, you will be able to find the right font for your logo or other design without having to rely on the tool’s default results. The following categories can further narrow your search: serif, sans-serif, monospace, hand-drawn, and dingbats.

Discovering new and exciting fonts is one of the most enjoyable aspects of searching for fonts. In addition, Font in Logo provides information about fonts used by specific brands and companies. To check if your brand or company is listed, simply enter the name of the brand or company. Choosing the search results will reveal the name of the font the brand uses in the search results. By clicking on the search results, you will be able to see the font used by the brand in the search results.

A great logo begins with the selection of the right typeface.  There are many tips and advice available on how to choose the right typeface for your brand, but ultimately trial and error is the only way to identify the right typeface for you. In order to determine which fonts work well together, you need to test different fonts. In order to accomplish this, you should create simple logos using a few different fonts and determine which one works best for your company

4 – IdentiFont

Identifont is certainly a fascinating way to find fonts, but it isn’t the most effective way. The reason for this is that you are able to search for fonts in a variety of ways, not only by name. There are a number of search options available, such as appearance, name, similarity, symbol, and designer. The tool is not quite as intuitive as those on this list, but it is effective in its intended purpose.

Last but not least, you may search by the designer in order to view the most popular fonts published by a particular designer, such as Google Web Fonts. Using this method will enable you to find alternative fonts that are similar to those you are currently using.

Identifont is a tool that allows you to search for other fonts that are similar to your default web font, such as Calibri, in order to determine if there is a better option available. To find alternative fonts that are similar in design to your primary font, you may also consider fonts designed by other designers

5 – Font Squirrel

There are several great places to find legit high-quality and free fonts all in one place, but not all of them can be found in one place. There is an extensive curated collection of fonts in their library that you can browse through and pick the one which fits your needs the most. As well as this, Font Squirrel’s Font Identifier Tool will allow you to upload an image that will help you identify your font. In order to identify any font from an image, you can use this tool. Once you upload the image, it will recognize the font and will show you all the related fonts that you can download after identifying the font

6 – WhatFont Plugin

There is an extension for Google Chrome named WhatFont which helps you identify fonts on websites that you visit using search results.

In most cases, web designers use this extension to identify fonts on a webpage so that they can correct them. After it has been successfully set up and installed on your Chrome browser, you will have the ability to install whatFont through the shortcut located in the extension menu on the right-hand side. Now that the extension is installed, you will see that the name of the font appears when you hover over any section on a website.

There is nothing like WhatFont when it comes to its ability to perceive font styles accurately since it uses its own proprietary algorithm to do so. With this extension, you will easily be able to identify any web page when you are using it


There is nothing worse than trying to identify a font from an image and finding out the font is not what you expected. It is now possible to identify fonts from anywhere by using the tools mentioned above. Please keep in mind that the tools that require the uploading of images work best with images and fonts of high quality.

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