A Quick Guide to Use SEMRush’s SEO Writing Assistant For Better Rankings

by Surya Prakash

No matter, how much you talk about SEO tools or backlinks for ranking, quality, and optimized content will always remain on the top. SEO Optimized content is the foundation of all the efforts that one makes to rank on top of its competitors.

There are hundreds of tools that can help you to better optimize your content. SEMRush Writing Assistant is one of such tools. You can use it to make your content optimized for one or multiple keywords. If you are looking to optimize your content perfectly, then you should definitely use SEMRush’s Writing Assistant.

Here’s a Quick Guide on how you can use SEMRush’s Writing Assitant to optimize your content for higher rankings:

What is SEMRush’s SEO Writing Assistant Tool?

Being developed by SEMRush, SEO Writing Assistant is a powerful tool that analyzes the top 10 Google results and provides you with suggestions to make your content better. It also provides you with some powerful insights like content score, plagiarism score, SEO score, etc.

They also have made a WordPress Plugin for the same. You can download and use the Writing Assistant plugin to better optimize your content.

Features of the SEMRush’s Writing Assistant

The SEMRush’s Writing Assistant comes with a lot of inbuilt features and we are gonna provide some of them as follows:

1. SEO Recommendations

The writing assistant is primarily designed to provide SEO recommendations by analyzing the top 10 results of Google for a given keyword. The SEO recommendations can be used by website owners to improve their content as well as SERP rankings.

2. Readability

It also features a readability section that tells you about the text difficulty based on the Flesch-Kincaid ease score. The readability metrics can provide useful insights on improving the clarity of the text.

3. Interlinking Errors

The interlinking error feature notifies you whenever there’s a problem with the links which you embedded in any of your posts.

4. Position Tracker

They do feature a position tracker that allows you to see your ranking for a given keyword in the Google search results. The best part is that the tracking data updates on a regular basis.

5. Plagiarism Checker

It also comes along with a plagiarism check which allows you to check whether your writer has written an original copy of content or not. I personally use this tool to check plagiarism.

6. Tone of  Voice

The Tone of Voice is a new feature that allows you to see whether your content is format or informal. It allows you to validate the formality level of the content.

How Can I Use SEMRush’s Writing Assistant to Optimize My Content?

  • Login to your SEMRush Account.
  • Download Writing Assistant WordPress plugin from here.
  • Add the WordPress Plugin to your Plugins section.
  • Open your WordPress Editor.
  • You’ll see a new SEMRush SEO column there.
  • Now, it will ask you to give access to your SEMRush account.
  • Authorize access to your SEMRush account.
  • Once you’ve given the access, tap on create a new template button.
  • Add your targeted keywords, locations and devices to proceed further.
  • Once everything is set up, click on Create SEO Content Template.
  • Now, you will see multiple suggestions on your screen.
  • Each and every option is equally important.
  • Go through each one of them to see how you can better optimize your content.
  • All these suggestions are based on the top 10 Google results for the targeted keywords.


So, this was the entire guide on how you can optimize your content to rank better on search results. SEO Writing Assistant is really a goldmine for all the people who publish their content online. So, what are you waiting for? Try this amazing tool to optimize your content and let us know about your experience with it in the comment section below.

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