Why is the salesforce CRM better than other CRMs

by Surya Prakash

Various types of CRM tools available on the current market come with different and attractive features but what is the thing that makes Salesforce CRM different from the rest of them? 

Well CRM software helps businesses to manage the customer’s relationship and these tools are widely popular. CRM is known for Customer Relationship Management

Here in this article, we’re going to reveal the main reasons behind the popularity of Salesforce CRM and why Salesforce has been leading the market since its releasing date. 

Most of the leading giant and small companies prefer to use the Salesforce CRM instead of any others available in the market. 

But, Why? Good question asked. 

Okay !! let’s come to the ride with us on Why Salesforce CRM Is Better Than Other CRMs and find out the honest reasons behind it. 

What is Salesforce CRM Why Salesforce CRM better than other CRMs

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that helps to grow the business and gives them a boost to their revenue. Salesforce makes it easy for businesses to manage customers’ relationships and reduce the cost of hardware and other networks in fractures. 

Salesforce was founded earlier in the 20s (1999) by a couple of friends named Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez. 

Using the Salesforce CRM in the business may help you in the terms of sales and marketing operations. Along with that, salesforce enables the users to access the cloud-based software over the internet. 

Why is the Salesforce CRM Better than other CRMs

Below find the causes behind the popularity of Salesforce:

1. Multitenant architecture:

One of the key features of Salesforce CRM is that all the clients stay in the same phase like the infrastructures, hardware, networking devices, and other needed tools. 

The overall performance and efficiency don’t vary from client to client. All the Salesforce clients either small or corporate use the common architecture. 

So wherever any updations come into the hardware or software part, it becomes available for all the clients. Users are not required to have any intervention because the updates are instantaneous. 

2. Security:

Most CRM software provider companies don’t care about the client’s data security and that is the main reason for Salesforce’s popularity gaining. And that is why Salesforce wins the race and makes itself different from the other software. 

Data is everything for every company so it is always at risk for the owner of the organization to avoid the access of data with unwanted employees. Salesforce enables data security for the clients and it makes it easy for the client and gives permission to the owner to decide to permit the data access within the organization.  

This feature is something unique for the user and provides more security and protection over data access. Salesforce has implemented data security on their platform so for that, you are not required to pay anything extra penny for enabling the security. 

3. Partner ecosystem:

Any ecosystem opens the gate for various opportunities such as providing the service, access to the app and tools. Other CRM software is not less with these features but luckily salesforce CRM enables you for this. 

Using the salesforce CRM software gives you a wide range of opportunities where you can access the free and popular apps on the same platform. Once you register yourself with the salesforce and become an AppExchange partner you unlock multiple useful features. 

If you are keeping the coding knowledge and have knowledge about app development then the Salesforce gate is always open for you. They permit you to the users to develop for the salesforce and market it.  Furthermore, Salesforce enables their registered users to access multiple tools for finding the important tool you are looking for. 

4. Packed with features for market and salespersons:

Some key features that other CRM software are missing are why people prefer to choose salesforce CRM over any other CRM software. 

They offer you some unique features like contact management, mobile-ready dashboard, task management, opportunity tracking, workflow creation, customer engagement tools, analytics, collaboration tools, and an intuitive.  

Not only these but if you are also a marketer then they have a different gate for you as well, as a market you get the designed feature’s functionality such as email integrations, marketing lead monitoring, social media integrations, and others.  Sales forecast, monitoring the sales leads, communities of sales features gets the sales team. 

All the functions can help you to stabilize your brand in the market, and generate a good amount of revenue with the help of salesforce. 

5. Scalability & Customisation:

If you are thinking of a long-term game to build a good relationship with the customers then nothing comes first than Salesforce. 

Every business has different needs from the market, some want to sell the products and some want to build a good relationship with the customers, and ultimately the story stops at the revenue, right?  

As per the salesforce survey, 86% of customers admitted that personalization is a vital thing and helps while Buying decisions. So if you are thinking about the next five years then Salesforce could be the one for your business. As it is highly scalable and has the capability to boost the business. 

If you have a personalized application, salesforce lets you use the Salesforce App Cloud features and run all applications from one destination. 

6. The advantages of Salesforce cloud apps:

You can have several innovative SaaS solutions that allow you to operate businesses on centralized platforms. The Salesforce is not very expensive. Using the salesforce in the business can increase the sales and brand value to the customers. 

Along with these, they offer you multiple other services like Sales cloud, sales chatter, and service cloud. Sales Cloud is a feature-packed feature that helps you to manage customer-related, contact management, and others on a single platform. 

Wrap Up:

Salesforce is one of the leading and popular cloud-based software that allows you to do multiple tasks and make a good relationship with the customers by taking a bit of the help of Salesforce.  Behind the popularity of Salesforce, there are multiple reasons works, that other CRM software is missing. 

In this post, we have covered up What is Salesforce CRM and Why Is Salesforce CRM Better Than Other CRMs.

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