The Complete Guide to Build Freelance Writing Business Online

by Surya Prakash

Almost every one of us has dreamt to work while traveling the world in our days of childhood. At that time, it seems to be a dream as the technology wasn’t evolved much in those days. Since the day technology has evolved, anyone can manage his business while traveling the world.

Yes, you heard it Right!

Even I personally manage my freelance writing business while traveling the world. You might be wondering how is it possible and how one can manage his business while traveling the world. Believe me, there’s no rocket science behind it, anyone can build his freelance business and manage it remotely.

In this article, we are gonna discuss some critical steps which one should follow to build a freelance writing business. So, let’s have a look at how you can start managing a freelance writing business while traveling the world.

1. Lay Down the Business Foundations

It may seem fascinating to leave your full-time job to start an online business, but this may also turn out to be a nightmare. If you’ve never done any online business, then we recommend you to lay down the foundations of business before leaving your full-time job.

Getting your online business to a place where you can replace it with your full-time job takes time, so don’t rush into it. We recommend you not to leave your full-time job until you start making 2 times the money you were making in your full-time job.

2. Build a Professional Portfolio

I have seen many people just focusing on finding clients for them, whereas the most important element to focus on is a Professional Portfolio. Even I personally made the mistake of focusing too much on finding clients in my initial days, but later on, I shifted my focus on building a good portfolio.

Always remember that your portfolio should contain the best examples of your content. There are many ways to build a strong portfolio. You can start doing blogging guest posting and work for free to build a professional portfolio.

3. Connect with Fellow Writers & Bloggers

As a freelance writer, you can connect with different writers, bloggers and content marketers from all around the world. You might be wondering how it’s gonna help me to get clients? That’s obvious, I also got the same question in my mind when I was starting out my career as a writer.

Building connections with other writers will give you an opportunity to learn from them. It will allow you to represent yourself in the community of writers. As a result, it will increase your exposure in the eyes of clients as most of the online clients are looking for writers in these communities.

4. Build Your Own Virtual Toolbox

As a freelance writer, you would have to work in different timezones. Many people find it hard to work in different timezones and due to this, many people end up quitting their dream to start their own business. We don’t want you to do the same.

The best way to manage clients living in different timezones is to build your own virtual toolbox. You can use different virtual tools to host meetings, set work reminders, communicate with clients, etc. There are many tools that can make your life easier. Some of the best tools are Hootsuite, Trello, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc.

5. Keeping Your Clients Happy

It may seem easy to you, but it’s the hardest part of running an online business. So, the main thing you should be concerned about is keeping your clients happy with your work.

Since your clients are making payments to you, it becomes your duty to provide them what they want. While traveling, you’ve to make your schedule in such a way that it doesn’t come into conflict with your writing contracts.

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