5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is so Important

by Surya Prakash

Are you planning to start making videos about brands or products? Wait, you should go through this article. If you are thinking about Why video marketing is so important in this era? Then we can assure you that you are in the right place to know everything about Video marketing. 

We are going to elaborate with you, the top 5 reasons why video marketing is so important? And if you haven’t started it yet, then you should immediately start creating videos about your business. 

Video marketing is one of the powerful tools to increase brand awareness in the world. According to experts, video content is 87% more effective than any other marketing form. 

Video content engages people easily, they are highly capable to build relation and trust between the creator and the audiences. As we know most of us love to get information about anything from video content instead of any others. Because they are easy to understand and of course visual impact is there so it makes it immensely easy for the audiences to understand about you and about your business.

Big companies are already in the race and they are spending tons of rupees on it. They always make a video related to their business and post it to several video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other video platforms. Because Video content speaks more than other content, right?

As the Internet got cheaper so demand for video content is increasing day by day. Video format marketing is an immensely powerful tool that is highly capable to generate good revenue, leads, and increases awareness of your business. 

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the topic and find out 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Important.

What Is Video Content & Why Video Marketing Is So Important? 

Video content in the form of videos that are recorded by the camera, and it can be anything such as vlogs, animated GIFs, recorded presentations, customer testimonials, live videos, and webinars. 

Where you share the main topic or the purpose of the content. Video contents are more shareable compared to any other format. There are chances, if you have meaningful content, then it can be viral over the night? 

Video content is one of the most powerful tools in today’s time. It can generate a good amount of revenue for your business because it is more engaging so generating more sales can bring leads.

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Important?

Increase Engagements:

Video Content comes on the top when it comes to engaging with audiences. There is no other content format, more engaging than video content. If something is nice, good, and meaningful in your video, people don’t hesitate to share it with friends and family. 

This is the main cause behind video content popularity around the globe. Once the people start interacting and engaging with your video, it automatically starts creating results for you. 

Almost every video platform provides you the insight reports to check which part of the globe people are engaging with the video so you can create more videos according to that. 

Improve Personality Of Your Brand:

If you just started your business or you are trying to be established in marketing, then nothing is more important than Video content. 

Video contents are not only engaging, make awareness of your brand, but they are also one of the key factors to building the personality of your brand. Once you keep uploading videos about the brand with the same voice, face, theme music, then people become familiar with the brand, and eventually, they start trusting you as a brand. 

And this thing improves the personality of your brand. So you should start making videos immediately related to your business to improve awareness.

Showcase Of Your Products & Services Effectively:

According to the report of Oberilo, 72% of people trust the brand by spending time on videos, rather than any other format. Because images and text content takes time to build a trustworthy relation between brands and audience, but video content takes less time and is taken and easily trustable. 

In the other form of marketing, you can provide all the details about your products or services but, in video content, you have all the resources and time to showcase all your products and services. 

You can easily display anything in the videos. So it makes it for the audiences to know about your brands. Video content becomes most important because you can communicate with the audience but other forms of marketing don’t allow you for this. 

Helps To Rank Higher On Search Engine:

Video content not only works on paid ads, but it can be a handy one for improving your website ranking. According to a Google report, it was found that the article on the website, who includes the video, gets the higher chances to rank higher. 

Because for ranking a website on the first page of Google, you will need to do a proper SEO, and embedding the video into a text article is the perfect thing for SEO. Along with that, videos on the post, engage the users to stay on the site, and it also decreases the bounce rate, and that is what Google loves most. 

People Love Video:

YouTube officially published the post on their official website in earlier 2017 that people watch a billion hours of videos every single day on YouTube. 

Not only YouTube, but Twitter also shared data content with videos that attract 10x audience, instead of content without video. 

You should also be aware that you record a meaningful video and make that video short, try to explain everything in a short video (2 Minutes) that engages with the audience, and also make a trust to them about your brand. 


It was said that content is the king, but we say video content is the king, and as time will grow the demand for video content will also increase. In this post, we shared with you the top 5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is So Important. 

All the reasons are proven by the video-sharing platform. So our recommendation is that if you have started making videos, you should start immediately.

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