Best Destinations for Weekend Getaway in India 

by Surbhi Bishnoi

With the corporate hustle and the noises of the city, our lives get a bit chaotic and restless. This is why we all deserve the peace of a weekend where we can chill with our friends or family, have a great time rejuvenating ourselves at a great location surrounded by scenic views or party around the beach. Well, it surely looks like a dream.

If you want your weekend this way then you can start by finding a good destination which will be perfect for a couple of days. Since you are here, we know that’s exactly what you are looking for. Well, we are not going to let you down as we have compiled a list of perfect destinations for weekend getaways for you. 

Best Destinations for weekend getaway in North-West: 

1. Nainital 

If you have a long weekend ahead then Nainital might be a great destination for a couple of days. You can go there with your partner, friends or by yourself to enjoy the serenity of the place. It is stunningly beautiful with snow capped mountains in the background and serene lakes where you can go on shikara rides to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

You will also get a chance to indulge in outdoor activities like trekking, paragliding, etc. So you can either relax by just doing the sightseeing or you can do some thrilling activities! 

2. Dehradun 

Dehradun is another hilly destination that will give you a much needed break from the hustle of the whole week. It’s beautiful with amusing views and dotted with serene locations to explore. The cafes are pretty good with delicious food. You can also enjoy the street market experience while walking in the evening in the beautiful lanes of the city. Overall, Dehradun won’t disappoint you and give you a perfect rejuvenating experience! 

3. Kasauli 

If you want to take your partner somewhere serene and calming then Kasauli might be a perfect place for you! Kasauli has been a top choice for romantic getaways where you can enjoy the breathtaking views with your partner by your side. The city is known for its British architectural building and cobblestone lanes which gives a colonial vibe. 

4. Dharamshala 

Dharamshala is another great destination to relieve some stress and enjoy a beautiful getaway in nature’s lap! It’s surrounded by the huge mountains and has beautiful hilly places to explore. There is a Tibetian touch to the city that makes it even more exceptional. There is lots to explore here so if you get a chance with a long weekend, make sure to visit this place. 

5. Jim Corbett National Park

If you want to experience some wildlife and be in the heart of wilderness then Jim Corbett National Park should be your next destination. The place is filled with tigers, exotic wildlife, and beautiful birds. So you will get to experience the wildlife from up close. This will be a surreal experience if you have never been to a wildlife sanctuary or national parks. 

Best Destinations for weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune: 

6. Goa 

It’s pretty obvious but definitely worth a mention in our list. Goa is an ultimate party destination along with a fun beach experience. You can enjoy a lot here and have lots of fun with your friends. Either chill with your friends in a resort or along the beach or take part in water sports or adventurous activities like scuba diving, surfing, canoeing, and much more. 

7. Lonavala 

Lonavala is a weekend destination for Pune or Mumbai people. It’s covered with lush greenery and the place becomes majestic during the monsoon season as well. You can book a villa or you can just enjoy the long drive here and enjoy the views. Here too you will get many options for outdoor activities.

8. Alibaug 

Alibaug is also a quintessential weekend destination for the people of Mumbai and Pune. Here, too, you can explore the place and see the history or you can just chill with your friends. It’s a great place for a weekend and if you haven’t explored it yet then you are missing out! 

Best Destinations for weekend getaway in South India: 

9. Puducherry

Puducherry is a pretty good place to explore on the weekend. It has a beautiful colonial touch all over the city with some amazing beaches as well. What you would like here is doing cafe hopping, street shopping, going on the beach, and taking part in various adventurous activities. It will be a perfect place to relieve stress and explore a new place! 

10. Ooty 

If you want to go to a hilly destination in the South then you can never go wrong with Ooty. People love to spend their weekends here with their friends or loved ones. The rolling hills and the lush greenery makes it serene and calming. 

It features tea plantations, stunning lakes, breathtaking hills, and beautiful gardens where you can relax for a bit and forget about the work hustle. You will also find several fun activities to do here!

11. Coonoor

Coonoor is a less explored destination in the South than the other popular ones like Munnar or Ooty. This is why it’s a must visit for your upcoming weekend. There are so many picturesque locations with stunning views. You will also like to explore the popular viewpoints here such as Dolphin’s Nose, Sim’s Park, and Ketty Valley. 

Best Destinations for weekend getaway in East: 

12. Sundarbans National Park 

Sundarbans National Park is another wildlife exploration destination that you must visit if you haven’t already. It has a wide diversity of wildlife and the Bengal tigers, along with some of the most beautiful birds to watch. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage site which makes it even more special to visit! 

13. Darjeeling 

We can’t forget Darjeeling as it is one of the most beautiful destinations in India to visit. Even if you have a couple of days, Darjeeling will surely mesmerize you with its beautiful scenery of hills and lush greenery. You should take the toy train ride to get a nostalgic trip and explore the scenic views. The cafes are pretty beautiful and have great menus for you to try out. 


These destinations are pretty popular and are ideal for a perfect 2 day trip throughout the year. So choose the nearest Destinations for you and take your friends with you to spend some quality time with yourself as well as with your friends or family. That will be all for now and we hope you have a great weekend with these destinations as your getaway! 

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