Tips to Pack Your Luggage for Hassle Free Traveling

by Surbhi Bishnoi

You are all excited for your next trip. You must have planned everything and your flight is in a couple or days. But, you have a big empty bag in front of yourself and you have no idea how to pack! 

If this is you, then don’t worry you are not alone. Everyone struggles to pack at the last minute and they get all confused with what to pack and how to pack. We get it, packing is a daunting task. But it will be so much easier once you know how to pack smartly to make sure your vacation is hassle free.

Here are some of the tips to pack your luggage for hassle free traveling, have a look! 

1. Make a List of Everything You Want to Pack

If you don’t know where to start packing from, just take a notepad and make a list of things you need to pack.

This includes a number of outfits you will need with shoes and accessories. You should also add some specific toiletries if you are picky about these things. A first aid kit, and some other miscellaneous stuff that you will definitely need.

2. Plan Your Outfits

One thing that can take a lot of stress out of packing is planning your outfits. If you are going for a three day trip, and you know where and when you are going to go then you can easily plan your outfits. This will help you decide exactly which clothes you want to pack. 

3. Skip the Just-In-Case Stuff

Mostly people overpack with lots if just in case stuff. Such as if you have packed formal attire for just in case but there are no business meetings or you have packed a dress for clubbing, but it isn’t gonna happen during your trip. So skip the extra clothes because you are not going to need them and it’s going to add extra bulk to your luggage which will be hard to carry.

4. Pack Heavy to Light

If you are going to a colder destination then you will need a bigger luggage. There will be so many layers from the warmer to bulky coats. 

Make sure you keep the heavier clothes at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. This will make the packing easier. You should also refrain from packing bulky coats or jackets, you can wear them on your way to save some space. 

5. Pack Your Shoes Mindfully 

Shoes take a lot of space. And it is also ideal that you pack maybe one or two pairs of shoes. Try to limit adding the shoes as it can also lead to heavier luggage and will use up lots of space. 

6. Pick the Right Luggage 

Luggage bags are quite important. Your Luggage should be big enough to hold all of your clothes, and should have the right compartments to add different items such as gadgets, clothes, or shoes. 

Try to pick a unique luggage bag so you spot it easily during the luggage claim. 

7. Pack First Aid 

Packing first aid can be quite useful and makes your trip much easier. Pack your medications as well as some common medicines for pain or fever along with band aids so you won’t have to buy them in a foreign land. 

8. Get Packing Cubes 

If you can, then do get the packing cubes for better packing. It not only saves a lot of space but also keeps all the items separate, such as your tops, bottom, shoes, toiletries, and electronics! If you like to be organized then these can be a lot of help.

9. Get a Name Tag for Your Luggage 

A name tag along with your contact information can save you in case you lose your luggage. So make sure to get one before you board your flight! 

10. Check the Airlines Baggage Policy 

People often forget to check the baggage policy of the airlines and then face the issues later. So be prepared by knowing how much your baggage can weigh, what things you can carry and what things are prohibited. This will save you time and hassle during boarding.


See, it doesn’t sound so hard right? Just take some baby steps at a time and you will be done before you know it. A nicely packed bag means you don’t have to find stuff taking out everything in your bag, less hassle to find anything you need right away. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and pack your bags! 

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