Cheapest Destinations to Visit This Summer in India

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Summer is around the corner which means the kids are on their vacation and it’s time to plan a summer holiday! However planning a holiday takes a lot out of us because we have to think of every little detail from the destinations to the budget. Budget plays a big role in planning holidays as well as choosing the right destination.

Yes, there are hundreds of destinations in India that are worth checking out in summer. However most of them are quite expensive especially in the summer season. This means you have to find the destinations that won’t break your bank and at the same time will give you a memorable time with your friends or family, or even solo! 

So here we have selected some of the cheapest destinations to visit in Summer in India! 

1. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

A small yet widely popular village, Kasol is definitely one of the best affordable places to visit in India. Located around Parvati River, the place is filled with stunning landscapes and picturesque locations. It is not only popular for being a pretty little village but also for the adventurous activities offered to those who are always chasing the thrill. It’s perfect for trekkers and hikers as there are some beautiful peaks to climb and explore. 

The accommodation is fairly affordable and the food too is quite reasonably priced. Its cozy weather is colder than most of India even in the summertime which makes it a perfect destination for summer holidays.

2. Itanager, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is quite an unexplored land of the country. The capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, is truly a natural paradise that is too beautiful to miss. Surrounded by the snow capped Himalayas, it has an abundance of serene views and picturesque locations. The Brahmaputra River banks make the place even more stunning and it allows us to explore the untouched beauty of nature. 

Here, you can participate in several outdoor activities. The food is also delicious and you can find reasonably priced places to stay.

The place is quite affordable which makes it a top choice for budget friendly destinations.

3. Darjeeling, West Bengal 

If you haven’t been to Darjeeling then here is your cue to book the tickets this summer. The place is quite mesmerizing with its beautiful surroundings. You can expect a nice temperature and cozy weather during the summer. 

Make sure to take the vintage train ride to see the ethereal beauty of Darjeeling as well as some cable rides to get a 360° view from the top. The breathtaking views are coupled with nice little cafes, cobblestone lanes, and loads of outdoor activities to participate in. Now that is a perfect holiday destination under budget! 

4. Amritsar, Punjab

Amritsar is mostly popular for the Golden Temple that feels like an outworldly creation. But the city has so much for its visitors at a reasonable budget too. There are other religious sites to visit and explore. You can also do a food tour in the city which all the foodies will love. The place is ideal for a spring time visit! 

5. Rishikesh, Uttrakhand 

Rishikesh is also an ideal spot to visit during the summer breaks and this one too will be under your budget. The pristine peaks, rivers, and valleys are just too beautiful to miss. There is a spiritual side to the place too, where you can explore the ancient temples and yoga centers. You will also find pretty cafes that offer budget friendly menu and dining options. You would love to explore the city on foot and enjoy the pleasant weather and you can also participate in the outdoor activities to chase some thrill.

6. Sikkim 

Sikkim is known as the smallest state in India but it packs a lot to offer its visitors. The rolling hills and the lush greenery of tea plantations makes the state beautiful. You can also explore the beauty of it via a cable car ride. The stunning landscapes are coupled with affordable staying options. You will also enjoy the delicious cuisine of the state. 

7. Hampi, Karnataka 

If you have a thing for the history and heritage of our country then Hampi might be a great budget friendly destination. It has been named as a world heritage site by UNESCO as there are lots of ruins and heritage sites that unfold the history of our country. You will also like the valleys and hills of the place which you can explore in the spring or early summer days! 

8. Lonavla, Maharashtra

Last but not the least, Lonavala can give you a perfect vacation under a limited budget. This place is surrounded by forests and hills which makes it a spectacular site. Not only will you enjoy the site of natural beauty but will be able to enjoy the outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and paragliding. Whether you want to go solo or with your friends, this place will be perfect to beat the heat and relax for a few days! 


You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time on your vacation. Which is why always be mindful when it comes to choosing the destination for your vacation. We have been blessed with a huge country that has so much offer to travelers of every age group. So make sure to check out these budget friendly destinations in India for your summer holiday, we are pretty sure you are going to have a great time here! 

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