Ideal Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers 

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Traveling is truly a rejuvenating experience where you can explore a different part of the world or even your own homeland. It feels relaxing and at the same time quite thrilling. But solo traveling is something that each one of us needs to experience at least once in your life. Sure, the movies or books have a romanticized idea of solo traveling where it can change our whole life. Even though it won’t be as dramatic as we expect, solo traveling can teach us a lot and change our perspectives too.

With solo traveling, you will need to push yourself out of your comfort zone, talk to strangers, navigate your way through an unknown city and culture. All this boosts our confidence and teaches us a lot. However if you are going to do solo traveling for the first time you might need to take some extra measures to make your trip comfortable, safe, and the best one. 

The biggest aspect of traveling is the destination! When it comes to solo traveling you will have to be mindful in choosing the ideal destination for solo traveling. This is where we are going to help you out. Here we have compiled a list of best destinations ideal for first time solo travelers, go ahead and have a look.

1. Iceland 

Iceland is one the best countries to travel solo which makes it an ideal destination for first time solo travelers too. The country stands at the top in the world peace index which makes it quite safe to travel as well.

Iceland is packed with scenic landscape, picturesque locations, and endless activities to do while you are in the country. You can either enjoy your stay doing relaxing activities like sightseeing, hiking, going on picnics, and watching the historical monuments or art galleries. Or you can make your trip adventurous by taking part in adventurous activities such as trekking, paragliding, kayaking, and so on. 

English is widely spoken in the country which makes it easier to navigate. You can book tours as well to make your solo trip even safer. It’s a little bit on the costlier side but if you can afford it and this country is worth every penny of yours! 

2. Japan 

Japan also tops the list of ideal locations to travel solo. Not only is it safe, but it’s actually quite normal for people to hang out at restaurants, bars, and even at the tourist spots alone which would make you feel a little bit comfortable and inclusive.

The only thing that scares travelers about Japan is language barrier. But there are many translation apps out there to help you out as well as some information booths or call centers. 

Japan is a beautiful country with a rich cultural and heritage. You can go on sightseeing the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the entertainment in the Japanese Universal studio, go to the theme parks or anime themed restaurants, and take some cultural classes to explore the native culture. 

3. Budapest, Hungary 

Hungary is a small yet beautiful country full of life that is loved by every type of tourist. This makes it an ideal destination for first time solo travelers. 

It is a safe country where you can easily roam around and explore the capital city. Here, you will love the party culture of the city as well as other things to do that will make your trip memorable. The picture perfect lanes, some scenic views, and a vibrant culture all will make your trip worth your time and energy. If you are a night person then you are going to love the city even more as it is popular for its busy and vibrant nightlife. 

The best part is the country is not that expensive to afford so if you are looking for a budget friendly destination then it should be perfect for you.

4. Prague 

Prague is another beautiful country that is perfect for solo travelers. This European country is quite social so you can easily talk to strangers and ask for help. It is also inexpensive which makes it ideal for all.

The history of the city is quite beautiful and it’s dotted with stunning architectural buildings. It stays busy with tourism all year and has a very eventful vibe. You will love the nightlife of the city where people party together at bars or at different events. If you are in Europe, it can be a great start to your solo journey. 

5. Spain 

Spain needs no introduction, it’s beautiful, it’s ethereal, and it’s everything a traveler can hope for. The country is quite safe and peaceful which makes it ideal for solo travelers. 

The native language is Spanish but you can find English speakers and ask for help. The best thing is the connectivity in the country as you can easily commute across the country and see all the major cities as well as some villages. From architectural marvels to stunning beaches, it has everything that makes it a perfect travel destination to explore!

6. Vietnam 

Go on your Eat, Pray, and Love journey by choosing Vietnam as your next destination! This Asian country is a perfect destination for solo travelers as it’s safe, tourist friendly, and has lots to explore. 

You will be exploring a new culture with beautiful temples, local festivals, amazing landscapes, and lots of fun activities to do. There are many spiritual retreat centers where you can rejuvenate yourself with meditation and yoga. The food is pretty delicious and the local street markets have so many amazing things to buy. 

Overall, it’s budget friendly, safe, and a quite interesting place to explore! 

7. Canada 

Canada is quite underrated as a country because it has a vast land packed with stunning landscapes, scenic views, and lots of amazing cities that offer endless activities to do. 

Whether you want to get lost in the wilderness or want to spend your time exploring the nuances of the cities and beautiful villages. The national parks are also quite beautiful and will offer you many adventurous activities to do such as hiking, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, paragliding, and much more. 

8. Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is another fun country that you can visit on your own. The stunning beaches, lots of scenic views, parties going around, delicious food, and a friendly community all makes it perfect for solo travelers. 

Whether you want to relax at the beach or do some thrilling activities, Costa Rica offers something to every type of traveler to make their vacation memorable. The weather is quite comfortable and breezy which makes the journey even more enjoyable. It’s quite affordable so you won’t have to break the bank for your trip! 


Your ideal location for solo traveling must be safe, easy to navigate, and overall comfortable for one person to handle all the things while traveling. All of the aforementioned destinations check these boxes which means you can choose these for your upcoming solo traveling experience. 

That’ll be all for now, we hope you found your dream destination and you are ready to embark on a life changing journey. Happy traveling! 

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