Things you Should Know Before Visiting Asia

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Asia is the biggest continent on earth which naturally means it has vast landscapes, numerous countries, and lots of amazing places to visit by travelers across the world. Each place has its own unique culture and heritage. There are so many nuances that will simply blow your mind. This makes people wonder if there are some unwritten rules to follow while visiting Asian countries! 

Well, yes there are! If you are going on an Asian tour or visiting the countries then you might want to know a little something about the countries and their cultural practices. This will help you avoid some embarrassing moments and reduce the number of eyebrows raised  by the locals.

We are going to discuss some things that you must know before visiting Asia. This would help you learn a little something about the overall culture or Asia and some tips that will make your journey easier. So have a look at the following list of things you should learn before visiting Asia.

1. Pack Mindfully 

While packing make sure to organize outfits according to the country you are visiting. Most of the places have multiple spiritual and religious sites that require you to wear modest clothes. So ditch the tank tops and shorts and pack some long dresses, pants, and shirts for such visits. Make sure to keep some scarfs with you as they will be handy during your temple visits as well as protect you from the sun and dust. 

Take care of the footwear too, pack the open toe sandals or shoes that can be easily removed during the temple visiting or while you are going to someone’s house.

You should also pack the light cotton clothes as they will be perfect for the hot and humid temperature of Asia. 

2. Learn a little something about the country you are visiting

As we have said, each country is different from the other. And every country has its own norms and unwritten rules that they follow. So it’s wise to know a little something about the country you are visiting. 

You should also learn some local phrases and commonly used sentences in the native language. This will be more useful than you think because not every country speaks English, especially some remote areas. 

3. Keep Cash 

Don’t rely on your cards to work every time you have to pay because not everyone accepts cards. So make sure to keep some cash by your side so you can pay for anything you like without any hassle.

4. Visit during the right time of the year

The ideal time to visit an average Asian country is from October to March. Avoid the summer or monsoon season as it can become very difficult to navigate. The summer season has a very high temperature and the monsoon will bring pouring rain, this would mean you might not be able to explore the places as much as you would like.

5. Avoid tap water 

Tap water in Asia might not be as clean as in the western countries. This is why you should always drink from packed water bottles that come with clean and mineral water. You don’t want to get your stomach sick! 

6. Be conscious of street food too

The street food in Asia is quite tempting to eat. Well, it’s also quite delicious too. However make sure they are making it with proper hygiene and care. Otherwise you can upset your stomach. Also, if you can’t tolerate high spice levels, avoid eating the spicy food at stalls as restaurants make less spicier food. 

7. Keep tissues with you 

The toilets are a little bit different in Asia than western countries. You might not get toilet paper or tissues to clean yourself. So make sure you keep a handful of tissues with you. 

8. Beware of the scam

Just like every other part of the country, the travel scam exists in Asia too. This includes beggars and small children asking for money, someone promising you to change the currency, and asking you to get a ticket for a place which is free to see. Apart from this, they might tell you overpriced fares for local transportation so make sure you get to know the actual fare prices before you start commuting in the cities. 

9. Get Vaccinated 

We have mentioned that you can get sick while traveling by the food or water. This is why it would be better to get vaccinated before you travel so you will be protected from unnecessary sickness during your vacation. 

10. Get a travel insurance 

The travel insurance covers the costs of your lost luggage, passport, and important documents. It will also help you if your flights get delayed or canceled. Apart from this you can also expect them to cover the cost of medical bills if you get sick during your visit. This certainly is a smart choice to get insured while traveling so you can handle the unforeseen mishaps.


So these are some things you should keep in mind while visiting Asian countries. You can have the best time in Asia as it has a rich culture and vast experiences to offer you. Be mindful of the unwritten rules and you will be good to go. Hope this blog helps you know a little bit more about Asia and make your upcoming trip easier! 

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