Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Europe

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Europe is one of the prettiest continents that we know of. No matter where you go, you will see beautiful architecture, art, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. This is why Europe checks all the boxes for dream destinations. For some of us, it’s a dream to visit Europe at least once in a lifetime. This is why when you do get an opportunity to visit your dream European country, you should hold your horses and plane wisely so you can get the best out of the trip. 

Planning a trip can get a little daunting no matter where you go. However, if you are visiting a place for the first time it can get even more overwhelming. Which is why we are here to help you out with your next European trip! 

Here are some of the things that you should know before you travel to Europe; 

1. Euros are not acceptable in every country! 

Yes, you heard it right. This might be a little shocking for some but the truth is only 20 out of 51 European countries use Euro as their currency. So don’t expect every European country to accept Euros, and make sure to know which country you are visiting and what kind of currency they have along with the exchange value! 

Make sure you carry some cash with yourself as cards can be a bit expensive. You should also carry some coins or changes for small payments.

2. Elevators are not that common! 

The first time European visitors often get a culture shock with not having elevators in the building. The stairs are the only way to top, and you must lift your own luggage if you are staying at a not-so-five-star hotel. So pace yourself and be ready for long stairs! 

3. Pack Lightly 

Everyone wants perfect outfits for perfect outings, but taking every good outfit with you on your European trip might not be a good idea. 

As we have stated, the elevators are uncommon in Europe and on top of that you will have to drag your luggage for long distances. The cobblestone lanes might not promise you a smooth ride with your luggage. So pack your luggage as light as possible. Try to take the backpacks instead of heavy baggage. 

4. Tipping Culture and Dining out 

It’s very tempting to eat all the viral food that you might have seen on social media platforms. They might not be worth waiting for hours in line for and they will be highly priced! 

This is why try out the small little cafè in the cities and find what the locals have to say about the food and restaurants so you don’t waste your money on overpriced food.

You should also know that tipping culture isn’t as common as in the states, so make sure you know how much you tip, it mostly rounds up in coins. 

5. Wear comfortable shoes

Your trip to Europe will include lots of walking no matter where you go. This is why don’t wear uncomfortable shoes and don’t even pack those high heels with you. Make sure you have comfortable shoes or flats in which you can walk for miles! 

6. The power sockets are different than the rest of the world 

The power sockets are quite different in Europe and especially in the UK. So make sure you do know what kind of power adapter would be used in the country you are visiting. After all, you don’t want your gadgets to run out of battery! 

7. Get your visas sorted 

Before you go on your Europe trip, make sure you have the visa of every country you would want to visit. While some countries allow a visa free visit, others might want you to get proper paperwork done before you visit the country. 

8. Book your train tickets early 

Train tickets will be cheaper if you book them early on. This works the same as the flight bookings. It can get very expensive if you are visiting during the peak tourist season. So if you want to enjoy the public transportation and train journey make sure you have booked your tickets in advance. 

9. Not every European country speaks English as their native language! 

Language barriers do exist in Europe too. Just like Spain, Germany, or France, other European countries might have a different native language than English. And you might have a difficult time finding someone who speaks English too. So make sure you use some common phrases before you visit your dream European country! 

10. Make a realistic schedule

You don’t want to add multiple countries and visit every popular tourist attraction. This won’t be plausible in any sense. You will end up hustling and running from one place to another.

So just pace yourself and make a realistic schedule in which you add specific locations to visit which are easier for you to navigate. Make sure to enjoy the view while you are in Europe. Have a slow paced vacation and enjoy the places and its culture, art, and overall vibe. 


Keep these things in your mind before you travel to Europe. These little things can make a lot of difference during a trip. Most of the people do have a bad trip because they don’t plan according to the place they are visiting (guilty of this!). So make sure you don’t make those mistakes and learn for the better. That will be all for now, have a great trip to Europe!

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