Best Time To Visit Kerala 

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Going for a holiday to explore the beautiful Kerala? You must have thought it through when it comes to choosing this location as it has some of the most beautiful landscapes, stunning backwaters, and picturesque locations to explore. On top of that the state is filled with cultures, history, and heritage, so there is lots to explore here. However, one thing that can impact your vacation is choosing the time of your visit. Yes, whether you go to Kerala in June or December makes a lot of difference! 

How? Well, temperature and weather vary a lot throughout the year which means there is a best time to visit the state as well as a not so good time to visit! If you want to enjoy your trip then you must know which is the best time to visit Kerala and why? 

Here we have discussed some of the prime seasons of Kerala and why they make a difference to your visit. Have a look to know which is the best time to visit Kerala! 

Winter Season (October to February)

Temperature: 15° to 25°C 

Winter season in Kerala is considered the peak season of the state. Kerala around this time is the most beautiful and most comfortable to explore. There is no winter here as the temperature varies from 15 to 25°C which is relatively hotter than most of India during this time. 

The humidity level is at its lowest which makes it a pleasant time to explore the beautiful landscapes of Kerala. The backwaters look pretty good and there is lush greenery everywhere. Some of the valleys and hills like Munnar might be on the colder side so pack a hoodie or sweater. 

Since the temperature is just at the right spot, you can explore various places without the discomfort of heat and humidity. Go to see the plantations of spices, coffee, and tea. You will also enjoy the safari ride to see some wildlife. And there are tons of adventurous activities to do during this time as well! 

Summer Season (March to May)

Temperature: 29° to 40°C

The temperature starts rising from March and it peaks in May as these are some of the hottest months in Kerala. It can be a little hard to explore the beauty of the land on foot while the sun is scorching on our heads. Although there are some regions that might be an exception like Munnar, Thekkady, and Ponmudi. 

You can go cycling, trekking, or hiking on the hills during this time and take part in other adventurous activities as well. The wildlife sanctuary is also something you can explore. Ditch the shikara ride and opt for the house boats to explore the backwaters as they come with an air condition room which makes it a pleasant experience without the scorching heat. 

There are also so many festive events happening in religious places like Thrissur. So you will get to experience the culture of Kerala. 

Monsoon Season (June to September)

Temperature: 29° to 35°C 

Monsoon enters Kerala at the very start of June. This season might be best to avoid as you will experience lots of humidity during this time coupled with lots of mosquitos buzzing around everywhere. It will be hard to explore the state with pouring rain everywhere and some places might be a little dangerous too. 

Yes there are some places that look divine this time of the year but rest will be hard to navigate. If you still want to go in the shoulder season with minimum tourists then we advise you to check the weather forecast and if the places are open for visitation.


Finally, we can say that winter is the best time to visit Kerala. This time of year brings a cool breeze in the year when we can handle the sun on our head and enjoy the outdoor activities and explorations. The state looks beautiful and there is no humidity or high temperature that can make us want to stay in the hotel rooms. You can make the most out of your Kerala trip during the months of November to February as you can explore the places all day. 

Hopefully you will be able to plan your trip to Kerala during this time and enjoy your stay there! 

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