The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Credit Card for Travel in 2024

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Traveling is on everyone’s bucket list these days. People want to explore as much as they can and make some beautiful memories. However, this comes with lots of financial planning too. You might not have enough cash for your next traveling plan, afterward we all live on monthly wages, right! 

But that is not something you should be worried about, thankfully we have great credit card offers waiting for us! Not many people know that credit cards can actually be very helpful if you use them nicely. Especially while you travel. 

You can’t take lots of cash with yourself, this is why you would need some liquidity as well as a secured way to pay all the travel expenses. Thankfully with credit cards you won’t even have to worry about the cash exchange rates or even losing your money while traveling.

There are many options for credit cards in the market right now, and there is no shortage of good options either. However you have to keep in mind there is no universally perfect credit card that works best for everyone. This is why you will need to choose a card which is ideal for you and meets your travel requirements. 

To help you out understanding how to choose the best credit card for travel for yourself, we have bought you a guide. Have a look! 

1. Look Out for Good Welcome Offer 

The credit card companies may have lined up in your mails with several welcome offers and with additional benefits. The introductory offers may vary from one company to another and it might also depend on your location and spending power. 

To get started with a credit card, you will need to meet minimum spending requirements within a few months. But it will be enough to get started with your welcome points which might get you a free flight or hotel stay. 

Again how much benefits you get with the cards will depend on the welcome offer. This is why you would need to make sure you are choosing a card with a huge introductory offer. So browse all the offers and see which ones give the best benefits to you.

2. Look for Low Spending Requirements 

As we have discussed, you will need to meet a certain spending requirement to get all the bonuses and rewards of the credit card which can be beneficial during traveling. Keep in mind that the higher the spending requirements are, the higher the rewards will be.

However, you don’t want yourself spending more than your capabilities. This is why you should only choose the credit card which aligns with your spending capabilities. 

3. Added spending bonuses 

The general thumb of credit card rewards is 1 point for each dollar spent. However, it can be higher if you shop from specific retailers. This can include spending at specific restaurants, traveling via specific flights, or buying some a specific supermarket. 

The thing is, you should look for cards that give more than one point for each dollar spent. This will help you collect more points which you can use while traveling. 

4. Look for additional travel perks

Since we are looking for the best credit card for travel, make sure to look for a card that gives better travel benefits. Some of the perks that you should be looking at are: 

  • No or minimum foreign transactions fee
  • Free checked baggage
  • Free flights or huge discounts on flights 
  • Free hotel stays or discount for the same
  • Lounge access
  • Travel insurance perks

Overall, look for the cards that can align with your travel requirements and give the best possible benefits or rewards during your overseas transactions. 

5. Low Annual Fees 

Credit cards require you to pay a certain amount of money as annual fees. Well, it is one thing that nobody really likes. Which is why you have to look for credit cards that have low annual fees. 

6. No Foreign Transaction Fee

This comes as a perk with many credit cards but not all. This is why you should look for cards that come with the benefits of no foreign transaction fee. Whether you travel for business or you are a casual explorer, having no foreign transaction fee can save you a lot of money. So if this offer isn’t included with your credit card, it won’t do much good to you. Which is why you should only go for cards that offer no foreign transaction fee benefits!


Travel can be a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about not having enough cash with yourself. However make sure you don’t overspend and be mindful of your expenses during your vacation, because at the end you will have to pay the money back. The sooner you pay off your credit card bills, the better your credit card score will be. This will again give you good reward points which you can use the next time you travel! 

That’ll be all for now and we hope you understood how to choose a perfect credit card for travel in 2024! Go and ahead and browse your options and select the best one, and go chase your traveling dreams without any worries!

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