How Traveling Can Impact Your Life 

by Surbhi Bishnoi

Sure, traveling has been glamorized in movies, books, and even on social media platforms. You must have seen someone raving about how traveling has changed their life and how their mindset and perception of the world have changed too! 

You want to know a secret? This is all true! Yes, your life may not change drastically as shown in the movies or books, but you will certainly experience a change in your mindset. The thing is there is something to learn from each experience. Whether you have gone to Tanzania to experience the wildlife or visited Alaska to experience some solitude, you will learn something from each experience. 

We are going to discuss how traveling can impact your life and what are the positive changes it can bring. 

1. Travel broaden your mindset 

We suffer from narrow mindedness even though we don’t know that yet. There are so many prejudices that are believed as facts. It will go away once we have stepped out of our house and city and go to a different one to explore it. 

The people will be different so will be their language, culture, and way of living. And this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You know why they live the way they do. There is nothing more mind blowing than experiencing a different culture and getting to know about a different country or region that is foreign to you. 

This will help you become more understanding about different cultures and religions even. 

2. Respecting other cultures 

There are so many cultures that we have no idea about. And all of them are so different from one other. We might not be able to experience all of them but getting to know some of them closely will certainly make us respect other cultures and people who come from a foreign background. 

3. Getting out of our comfort zone

One thing traveling makes us do is walk out of our comfort zone. When we go to a different country or even the state of our own country, we will have to get out of our comfort zone. This includes talking to strangers and trying new things that we never imagined we would try. 

4. Traveling makes us humble 

When we experience how big the world is, we do get some perspective of our problems being smaller. There are so many things to see and try. The beauty of our planet can be humbling in ways that we can’t even imagine. 

Climbing a mountain and seeing the view from the top will certainly make you feel like you’re on top of the world and also reminds you of your place in the world as well. Seeing the endless ocean will make you understand how powerful mother nature can be. Going to historic places where people have had sad and tragic lives will make you appreciate your own life in some ways. All the experiences are indescribable but you will get to understand them once you have explored the world. 

5. You will be more confident 

Once you have been to another part or the world or even your home country you will certainly feel more confident. After all, traveling does require some courage, right? 

So if you are afraid that you won’t be able to travel by yourself or even with your friends, you will be amazed how bravely you manage things in foreign land and that will certainly make you proud of yourself.

6. You will be able to make more friends

Hey, once you have stepped out of your comfort zone and become a little more confident, you will learn how to interact with people. This includes asking for help and even offering help for those who need it. 

Be it fellow travelers or some local people, you will learn how to make friends and become more comfortable with the company of others.  

7. Traveling can teach you a lot

Last but not the least, traveling can teach you more than any educational program. This is why you must visit a foreign land and explore the lives of those who live far away from you. 

Whether it’s learning about a different culture or people, or seeing a beach for the first time or even snow, there will always be a new experience to gain with each one of your traveling experiences. 


Someone once said, “The journey is more beautiful than the destination.” Well, traveling is just like that. No matter where you are going and with whom, you will experience change as much as you travel. Of course staying in an expensive resort and partying with your friends might not count. It’s seeing the world and exploring the lives of people who live far far away from you. They can be so different yet so similar to us in some sense. 

So if you get a chance to travel and see a unique part of this world, do not miss that! And travel as much as you can, the world is pretty big and there is never a shortage of places to see and explore.

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